No.16: Highs & Lows of the Earth

Today's prompt is: ancient . This is not just any volcano - this is inspired by Mt. Mayon in the Philippines! Mt. Mayon is famous for its almost perfect conical shape, and is also active. It just erupted last year 😱 According to legend, it rose from the bodies of two star-crossed lovers Magayon and… Continue reading No.16: Highs & Lows of the Earth

I went to a watercolor workshop

Stuff I did at the workshop! Titles: 1. "The Little House", 2. "Mountain Goat" ; top to bottom: "Nature Series: Wind, Woods and Waves". Mga ginawa ko sa workshop! Pamagat: 1. "Ang Munting Bahay", 2. "Kambing ng Bundok"; mula taas hanggang baba: "Serye ng Kalikasan: Hangin, Kakahuyan at mga Alon" . 今日のウォークショップで出来上がりました! 題名: 1.「小さい家」、2. 「白岩山羊」 上から下:… Continue reading I went to a watercolor workshop

Not only for ourselves It's only a short video, but gives action steps on what we can do as individuals. WE can all contribute towards helping save and restore our planet not only for ourselves, but for our children, grandchildren, the next and future generations! . Maikli lamang po itong video, pero nagbibigay ng ilang halimbawa kung papaano… Continue reading Not only for ourselves

A Tree & Shrubs at Chinatown

"A Tree and Shrubs at Chinatown" 21x21cm. A sketch in watercolor & ink. I sketched them while waiting for the bus, then today I experimented with watercolor using Burnt Sienna, Sap Green and Yellow Ochre. If you look closer, at the background is the palette I used to paint Rhythm by the Bonfire XD I… Continue reading A Tree & Shrubs at Chinatown

Rhythm by the Bonfire

Feeeeel the rhythm coooming down! 🎵 TITLE: "Rhythm by the Bonfire" 9x12in watercolour . FINISHED! Early in August the annual Tenrikyo Picnic was held at Kapiolani Park.  I was having a fun chat with my friend Yuki-chan, who's also a creative (she designs nail art), about what I want to do in life. Out of… Continue reading Rhythm by the Bonfire