Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay

You like chill music? Something that makes you think of hanging out with your homies  at the beach and gathering around a small bonfire and just singing, and dancing, and drinking beer and eating bbq? I'd like to introduce this song called Rhythm Coming Down by Big Jay (@bigjaysonmusic), which he released just this December.… Continue reading Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay

Desire’s a Terrible Thing

Aloha! In this post I'd like to talk a bit about this work and what inspired it -- The Sundays' 'Can't Be Sure'. Love the artwork? Buy it here: my store . Prints also available ! - A little intro about the band - The Sundays were (and still are!!) a great alternative rock band from the… Continue reading Desire’s a Terrible Thing

“I understand the meaning of our living here”

I wanted to talk about my thoughts and feelings about "For Fruits Basket" by Ritsuko Okazaki. I'm here in the bus and, I wanted a quiet moment for my inner self and instead of watching Youtube videos like I always do, and hurting my eyes in the pricess, I decided to stare at the surroundings… Continue reading “I understand the meaning of our living here”

My first time attending the Hispanic Heritage Festival

Today was the Hispanic Heritage Festival 2019 ! It was wonderful 😍 It was a happy event filled with bright colors, delicious food, smiling faces -- all under the sunny blue sky. The dances were nothing short of spectacular, and the music enlivening! It's great seeing people dancing in the street! It was very hot… Continue reading My first time attending the Hispanic Heritage Festival