No.15: Past Thought

Today's prompt is ghost ! Memories come knocking at the door of the mind. Some come to haunt you, some just make you chuckle. Tbh I was gonna name this "Memory", but mind was like "OOOHF" and thought it would be too savage. Yeah. The other thing I'd like to make a comment on is… Continue reading No.15: Past Thought

No.14: Money Can’t Buy

inktober2019 No.13: "Money Can't Buy". Today's prompt is Treasure ! Honestly this was a tough one. I wasn't sure how I'd convey my thoughts, but here we are. Treasure. For me this means not the bling, the luxuries - but the people who are kind to me, show me love, support and understanding. Those who… Continue reading No.14: Money Can’t Buy

No.13: Your Own Path

Today's prompt is tread ! You may tread a path that you believe in, which might be different from what other people want for you. Treading carefully, not wanting to make a mistake...but ultimately you must believe in yourself. I try to tell myself. Personally I'm at this point where I'm gonna a somewhat big-but-maybe-it's … Continue reading No.13: Your Own Path