12 Zodiacs: TAURUS (f)

Yaaay!! I finally painted her you guys!!! 🤣 So. Based off what I know about my female #taurus friends whom I love they: -Actually listen to you and give awesome advice -Sincere -Determined -Thoughtful Birthdate: April 20 - May 20. Earth sign. Do you have a Taurus friend like that? 🐂 やったー、出来上がりました! さて、牡牛座のことについて少し紹介します。私は牡牛座の友達が何人かいるので、その場から話したいと思います。その友達は親しくて、優しく聴いてくれる人だからとても良いアドバイスをあげる人です。頑張り屋さんで、気が利く人。😌 お誕生日: 4月20日… Continue reading 12 Zodiacs: TAURUS (f)

12 Zodiacs: ARIES (f)

One of my favorite people in the world is an Aries. She's helped me a lot especially during my darkest times, by being a positive influence in my life. She's like a mother figure, an older sister-figure to me. She definitely loves to have fun by singing karaoke and dancing, and inviting everybody to enjoy… Continue reading 12 Zodiacs: ARIES (f)