Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay

You like chill music? Something that makes you think of hanging out with your homies  at the beach and gathering around a small bonfire and just singing, and dancing, and drinking beer and eating bbq? I'd like to introduce this song called Rhythm Coming Down by Big Jay (@bigjaysonmusic), which he released just this December.… Continue reading Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay

“Would You Like Crackers with That? + Surprise Fig Jam”

Sumi on watercolor paper. "Gusto Nyo Po Ba ng Crackers kasama Niyan?" + Sorpresang Fig Jam" 題名: 「クラッカーは如何でしょうか」 墨絵 *~~The Story~~* I went to the Foodland in Ala Moana for the sole purpose of getting me some Camembert cheese, and I was SO EXCITED because I love cheese! Hell, I was even swaying my arms… Continue reading “Would You Like Crackers with That? + Surprise Fig Jam”

A Tree & Shrubs at Chinatown

"A Tree and Shrubs at Chinatown" 21x21cm. A sketch in watercolor & ink. I sketched them while waiting for the bus, then today I experimented with watercolor using Burnt Sienna, Sap Green and Yellow Ochre. If you look closer, at the background is the palette I used to paint Rhythm by the Bonfire XD I… Continue reading A Tree & Shrubs at Chinatown

Rhythm by the Bonfire

Feeeeel the rhythm coooming down! 🎵 TITLE: "Rhythm by the Bonfire" 9x12in watercolour . FINISHED! Early in August the annual Tenrikyo Picnic was held at Kapiolani Park.  I was having a fun chat with my friend Yuki-chan, who's also a creative (she designs nail art), about what I want to do in life. Out of… Continue reading Rhythm by the Bonfire