My first time attending the Hispanic Heritage Festival

Today was the Hispanic Heritage Festival 2019 ! It was wonderful 😍


IMG_20191005_230954_674It was a happy event filled with bright colors, delicious food, smiling faces — all under the sunny blue sky.

The dances were nothing short of spectacular, and the music enlivening! It’s great seeing people dancing in the street!

It was very hot though, and come midday even if I was drinking a lot of water my throat felt very dry. I was dehydrated 😦

Next time I’ll bring some salt to solve ny dehydration problem, AND add more sauce and hot sauce to my tamales!

Ngayong araw ipinagdiriwang ang Hispanic Heritage Festival. Napakaganda!


“Would You Like Crackers with That? + Surprise Fig Jam”

Sumi on watercolor paper.
“Gusto Nyo Po Ba ng Crackers kasama Niyan?” + Sorpresang Fig Jam”
題名: 「クラッカーは如何でしょうか」

*~~The Story~~*

I went to the Foodland in Ala Moana for the sole purpose of getting me some Camembert cheese, and I was SO EXCITED because I love cheese!

photo of a woman holding a fork and a mousetrap

Hell, I was even swaying my arms back and forth and did a big silent clap as I went past the automatic doors.

The greens of the veggie section looked very pleasant, save for a bundle of spinach that lay on the ground, but nobody seems to volunteer to put it back on the shelf because it looked damaged and you wouldn’t want another person to grab that, thinking that it’s fresh, right?

I approached the cheese section and grabbed the Camembert, but noticed the “sample size basket” with the mini kine stuff and it was half the price!!

cheese on brown wooden chopping board
Photo by Engin Akyurt on


I bought the wedge of Champignon Cambozola. 😆

It’s a combination of triple-cream cheese and Gorgonzola, an Italian blue cheese.

I was like “what is this triple-cream goodness??” plus it was blue cheese so CURIOSITY (ping!).

Actually, the cheese fridge is right next to The Bar. I’ve always passed by it because it looks fancy and maybe expensive? But I did want try it someday…

TO-DAY is that day! Dun dun dun!

I sat down, and the staff asked me for my ID XD

nature red girl model
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Ok friends, you know that feeling when you’re reading the menu and would like to take some time to read it but you can’t because the server is waiting only for YOU?

Anyways I picked the CHEAPEST wine (a 2 oz glass of pinot noir) and I DON’T EVEN KNOW if it pairs well with the fricking cheese!! LOL

So there I was, with my lonely wedge of surprisingly salty brie-looking cheese that I was eating with my chopsticks (!) that I brought from home (I’m trying to reduce usage of plastic utensils that’s why!), and a quarter pound of Secret Spicy Ahi Poke!

woman in front of table
Photo by ELEVATE on

“Would you like some crackers with that?”

From the other side there asks the lady bartender who probably noticed the RIDICULOUSNESS of this situation.

“Um. Yeah please! How much for the crackers?”

“Oh don’t worry, it’s free.”

**THANK YOU Ms. Staff Lady!**

So I give her my plate, and she did her magic and gave it back and


She even added some FIG JAM!!

boy in black v neck shirt with looking straight to the camera with a shocking face expression
Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar on

Dude. The cheese was salty, right? BUT when eaten together with the fig jam, and crackers, it was ohmygosh the fig jam’s sweetness paired very well with the saltiness and creaminess of the cheese, and the slightly bitter taste of the sesame seed crackers!

It didn’t even seem like one flavor was overtaking everything.

Perfect! Like that scene in Ratatouille!

photo of fireworks
Photo by Anna-Louise on

Anyhoo, despite the craziness of that I am happy to have experienced it. I’ll stop by again! Maybe next time I’ll get the Camembert.

Thanks for reading!


A Tree & Shrubs at Chinatown

“A Tree and Shrubs at Chinatown” 21x21cm. A sketch in watercolor & ink.

I sketched them while waiting for the bus, then today I experimented with watercolor using Burnt Sienna, Sap Green and Yellow Ochre.

If you look closer, at the background is the palette I used to paint Rhythm by the Bonfire XD

I do feel that watercolor is perfect for me because I love its spontaneity, and the surprises it gives you if you just let it run its magic!
“Isang Puno at Mga Palumpong sa Chinatown” – isang dibujo gamit ang watercolor at tinta.
「チャイナタウンにある樹木」ー 21×21 cm. 水彩画と墨で描いたスケッチ。

Rhythm by the Bonfire

Feeeeel the rhythm coooming down! 🎵
TITLE: “Rhythm by the Bonfire” 9x12in watercolour . FINISHED!

Early in August the annual Tenrikyo Picnic was held at Kapiolani Park. 


I was having a fun chat with my friend Yuki-chan, who’s also a creative (she designs nail art), about what I want to do in life.

Out of the blue I blurt out, 


“Did you say you wanna draw?” someone said behind me.

It’s Big Jay!


I said “Yeah!” and showed him my travel sketchbook. “You draw everyday?”

“Yup at the bus stop, while waiting for the bus!”

“Ok cool, I’m looking for someone to draw my album for me, do you wanna do that?”

I listened to his song, “Rhythm Going Down” and closed my eyes.

I saw people…some dancing, some just standing around a bonfire. At the beach.

There’s this one girl, who really gets into the groove.

At first I thought I wanted to just show that camaraderie.


Later on, I looked at it again and felt like something’s missing. It’s so flat.

So I added a backdrop of the sky, the moon and the ocean. I also wanted it to look like, the viewer can join in, too.



It’s not just the people, but also the ambience of the surroundings –

in Nature, one can also feel the rhythm.


題名: 「焚き火の周りに、リズム」22.9x32.5cm #水彩画 完成!