I made a Ko-fi!

Ahoy there guys, gals, and gays! 😀 🌈 How are you all doing? Today I'd like to announce that I made a Ko-fi page! Click here to visit! Basically it's a place where, if you enjoy my art, you can support me for even just as much as a cup of coffee. 🙂 Of course… Continue reading I made a Ko-fi!

Rose in Texas

Man, if you're able to fall asleep on the plane, I envy you! Because I didn't, gosh darn it XD Once we arrived in Texas and I got settled into where I'm staying, I slept. Surprised by a handful of things today: 1. Today my friend Lucio and I went to Luby's to eat dinner,… Continue reading Rose in Texas

And that’s why

We sketch to rid ourselves the burden of perfectionism. We doodle because nothing's perfect! - Reminder to self. Someone commented on my post, telling me to buy 1000+ followers. Ha! Who woulda thunk? My friend and I just talked about this the other day. He said he imagines them just sitting down, one afternoon, on… Continue reading And that’s why

Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay

You like chill music? Something that makes you think of hanging out with your homies  at the beach and gathering around a small bonfire and just singing, and dancing, and drinking beer and eating bbq? I'd like to introduce this song called Rhythm Coming Down by Big Jay (@bigjaysonmusic), which he released just this December.… Continue reading Chill Tune brought to you by Big Braddah Jay