My culture: Precolonial Philippines

Inktober2019 No.6 is brought to you by yours truly, inspired by pre-colonial Philippines!

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired to draw Filipino women from the Spanish and Precolonial period.

The latter is especially interesting because a lot of information that I’ve never read in my textbooks are popping up now, thanks to the people who made time for research and posting them on the Internet.

For instance, this one has been a very interesting read for me:

I know how to draw Japanese-inspired clothing, Western or modern-styles because I’ve done those so many times and I can find references anywhere.

I’m embarrassed to say this but sadly, I haven’t drawn many representations of my country and culture that much.

I don’t want to blame the lack of resources or beat myself up for not having done so in the past. But I feel excited that I’m doing this now!


Inspirasyong mula sa panahon ng mga Sinaunang Pilipino.


My first time attending the Hispanic Heritage Festival

Today was the Hispanic Heritage Festival 2019 ! It was wonderful 😍


IMG_20191005_230954_674It was a happy event filled with bright colors, delicious food, smiling faces — all under the sunny blue sky.

The dances were nothing short of spectacular, and the music enlivening! It’s great seeing people dancing in the street!

It was very hot though, and come midday even if I was drinking a lot of water my throat felt very dry. I was dehydrated 😦

Next time I’ll bring some salt to solve ny dehydration problem, AND add more sauce and hot sauce to my tamales!

Ngayong araw ipinagdiriwang ang Hispanic Heritage Festival. Napakaganda!