My Story



Kumusta! I was born and raised in the Philippines and currently based in Hawaii. As an artist I enjoy and do a lot of ink and watercolour art depicting human emotions and expressiveness.

I also enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, and eating pizza.

When I was a kid, I liked watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. I don’t recall anyone teaching me how to draw.

One day I was at home and I grabbed a piece of paper lying around and a pencil and doodled Goku.

Well it didn’t look EXACTLY like Goku but it was sorta close. At the time I couldn’t really grasp his fricking hairstyle. Later on I’d find that his super saiyajin hairstyle was easier and more fascinating so I drew a lot of that.

Unfortunately my mom didn’t think that drawing was a great idea. She’d say, “you’re only wasting paper!” which really hurt my feelings. But if there was an opportunity like a school project that involved drawing and I got a good grade from it, I felt proud to show off my work to her.

In 5th grade I drew my own comics in a notebook. It had no manuscript – I spun the story on the go. I shared it with my friends in class, and it was fun hearing their reactions about the characters and the story. Most times I’d draw it in math class because I could not, for the life of me, RELATE. TO. MATH!

Likes (apart from art):

Japanese food

Nature and animals




Moving forward, I want to live my life happy. Even if I wasn’t encouraged enough to create art I want to keep living my passion and learning what I can to hone my craft.

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