I feel so drained.

I started this new job, but as soon as I started I felt weird. My body was revolting! My inner voice was like, “what the hell am I doing here??”

I’ve got to say though that most of my coworkers are nice to me. Of course I feel bad about quitting.

But everytime I came home and my Dad asks me “How’s work?”, I shake my head and have this apologetic smile.

I’ve always been like, I gotta do this job because I need to help my family plus I really want to clear my debt this year, and I just started. I know that I want to do art but I feel scared about ending up being homeless.

At the end of the day, it’s still my life and my happiness is my responsibility. If I stay thinking that I’m doing it to “help”, or I don’t want to let people down, later on in my life I’ll most likely end up resenting them.

Ah. There’s gotta be a way. 

Sobrang pagod ako ngayon. Parati kong iniisip na, kailangan ko ng matinong trabaho hindi lang puro pag-dodrowing, kasi kailangan ng pera pambayad sa gastusin atbp. Ahh. Siguro naman may paraan din no?!


I drew an aircraft!

(WiP?) “Sketch of a PBY-6A”
I never thought I’d do it but I enjoyed drawing this while listening to Dolly Parton (“Jolene, Joleeeene!”)😍
I was flipping through an aircraft magazine and first thing I noticed was its boat-like shape and huge propellers. It’s described as an “amphibious” aircraft that can land on land or water. The wheels can actually fold into the sides!

Ngayon lang akong nakaguhit ng ganitong subject pero nakakatuwa pala, habang nakikinig sa awitin ni Dolly Parton 😆 Ayon sa magasin na nabasa ko, itong PBY-6A ay kaya raw lumanding maging sa lupa man o karagatan.

Urban sketches

“Urban sketches”
That time I went downtown to try to actually paint people! If you’ve never been to Hawaii, here’s a glimpse of Honolulu besides the ocean and palm trees and all that.




“Sketch sa Siyudad”
Nitong nakaraang araw, pumunta ako sa siyudad para subukang magpinta ng iba’t-ibang tao.


A Day in the Life

A day in the life, waiting at the bus stop.
Every 4:30pm.
The sun is still strong, it causes me a headache sometimes.

That is my life now.

When I was in high school, I thought my life would always be the same.



Isang araw, sa hintayan ng bus.
Kada alas-kwatro y media
Minsan sa sobrang silaw ng araw, sumasakit ang ulo ko.

Ito ang aking ngayon.

Noong ako’y nasa hayskul, akala ko’y parating ganoon ang buhay ko.

12 Zodiacs: ARIES

Hey guys! I’m excited to announce my watercolour project “12 Zodiacs“!


Over the next days I’ll feature each sign plus a bit of their typical traits. Know more? Comment below!

ARIES♈: March 21 – April 19. 🔥sign.
The GOOD: Takes initiative – a natural LEADER. Keeps it real 💯% . Honest. Risk-taker. Adventurous. The BAD: Loses patience in slow projects and people. Quick temper.

Wanna buy a print? https://www.etsy.com/HappyWackyAnimals/listing/691977478/12-zodiacs-aries-m?

今回は水彩画プロジェクト「12星座」を開始します! 今日から星座を一つずつ描き、そして少しでもよく言われる特徴も紹介します。是非、お楽しみにして下さい。

牡羊座: 3月21日~4月19日
プラス: 率先垂範、誠実、冒険心
マイナス: 気が短い


Any Aries people in the house? 🐏
牡羊座の人いませんか? ♈
Mayron bang Aries dito?