B17G: “Flying Fortress”

Initially, when I first saw the image of this airplane on Key Publishing's Combat Machines Magazine, I felt that I wanted to draw it. My friend was surprised when I started drawing aircraft. "I thought you were more of a naturalist." That's what I thought too lol! I don't see myself as a technical artist,… Continue reading B17G: “Flying Fortress”


I feel so drained. I started this new job, but as soon as I started I felt weird. My body was revolting! My inner voice was like, "what the hell am I doing here??" I've got to say though that most of my coworkers are nice to me. Of course I feel bad about quitting.… Continue reading Drained

I drew an aircraft!

(WiP?) "Sketch of a PBY-6A" I never thought I'd do it but I enjoyed drawing this while listening to Dolly Parton ("Jolene, Joleeeene!")😍 . I was flipping through an aircraft magazine and first thing I noticed was its boat-like shape and huge propellers. It's described as an "amphibious" aircraft that can land on land or… Continue reading I drew an aircraft!

Urban sketches

"Urban sketches" That time I went downtown to try to actually paint people! If you've never been to Hawaii, here's a glimpse of Honolulu besides the ocean and palm trees and all that. 「街でのスケッチ」 この前わたしはホノルルに行って色んな人をかきました。 "Sketch sa Siyudad" Nitong nakaraang araw, pumunta ako sa siyudad para subukang magpinta ng iba't-ibang tao.

A Day in the Life

A day in the life, waiting at the bus stop. Every 4:30pm. The sun is still strong, it causes me a headache sometimes. That is my life now. When I was in high school, I thought my life would always be the same. 今日もバス停で... いつもの午後4時半。 時々お日様は眩しくて、頭が痛くなります。 それは今の私の日常生活です。 わたしは高校生の時、日々が変わらないと思いました。 Isang araw, sa hintayan ng bus. Kada… Continue reading A Day in the Life