Blog post #1

Rain. Watercolour 15.2x22.9cm
Rain. Watercolour 15.2×22.9cm “And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time I want what’s yours and I want what’s mine I want you But I’m now giving in this time.” -Michelle Branch ‘Goodbye to You’

Shit, I don’t even know what I’m gonna talk about.

Right, let’s talk about who I am, and where I am at this point. Do people still even read blogs anymore?

Ok. So. My name is Rose. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines until I was 18. My mom passed away due to an illness, so my brother and I had to move with our Dad to Hawaii. So this is where I’m at.

I love to draw. And I love listening to and creating music. And I wish that this is what I do all the time. I’m trying to make that into a reality. Right now, I’m working full-time at my job. Sometimes there are things at that work that I don’t like, but I don’t hate it. Actually, I’m grateful that I have it, because it allows me to pay the bills and buy what I want and need, like brushes and inks and music gear.

I work at a card game store, and I have a coworker who’s really passionate about cards. He knows a lot about the cards, and works hard; I enjoy working with him. He talks a lot about the cards because he’s very enthusiastic about his hobby.

I wanna be like that too!

I want to live my passion!

So what is my goal really, here? I don’t have to be a millionaire. I’m fine with just enough money to pay the bills and be able to help others too.

My dream is to become a great artist, and travel to see my friends. Also:

(in no particular order)

  1. Go to the Philippines to visit the Philippine Eagle Conservation Center
  2. Plant trees
  3. Make good music!

My hope is that, by sharing my story, my truth, that someone – somebody out there, will feel that they are not alone, that someone shares their struggle, in some way reading my blog helped make them feel better and not give up on their dream. I hope this can be a positive influence on someone’s life.


Rain. Watercolour 15.2x22.9cm
雨。水彩画 15.2×22.9cm 「全てを求めたり、何も求めなかったりを同時にするのは辛い



私はローズと言います。フィリピンのマニラ市で生まれ育ちました。私は18歳の頃、母が重病からなくなったので ハワイに引っ越すことになりました。現在はハワイ在住です。


私はカードゲーム会社で働き、そこにカードゲーム愛好者の同僚 がいます。本人はカードについて知識豊富で、頼りに出来て良い同僚です。彼はカードに興味深くて楽しく話しそうしてるのです。




私の夢はとっても上手なアーティストになり, 友達と遊ぶためにその国に行くことです。尚:


  1. フィリピンにあるフィリピンワシの保護センターに行き
  2. 木を植え
  3. 作曲プロジェクト!