I went to a watercolor workshop

Stuff I did at the workshop!
Titles: 1. “The Little House”, 2. “Mountain Goat” ;


top to bottom: “Nature Series: Wind, Woods and Waves”.

Mga ginawa ko sa workshop!
Pamagat: 1. “Ang Munting Bahay”, 2. “Kambing ng Bundok”; mula taas hanggang baba: “Serye ng Kalikasan: Hangin, Kakahuyan at mga Alon”
題名: 1.「小さい家」、2. 「白岩山羊」
上から下: 3. 「自然: 風、森林と波」


We share one Earth.

Been thinking about climate change a lot lately. I try to do what I can, but of course it’s a team effort – we all share the same Earth.
You can help too:
– Conserve water and energy. Turn off and unplug electrical devices when not in use.
– Eat less beef. The greenhouse gases released to make a half-pound all-beef burger is 19 times its weight.*
-Drive less; use the public transportation.

*Source: Ulf Sonesson of the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology
Nitong mga nakalipas na araw, mas lalo kong naiisip ang tungkol sa pagbabago ng klima. Ginagawa ko ang makakaya ko, pero siyempre kailangan ang tulong ng bawa’t isa, dahil lahat tayo’y naninirahan sa iisang mundo.
Kaya mo ring makatulong:
– Magtipid ng tubig at kuryente. Lalo na kung hindi ginagamit, patayin at tanggalin sa outlet.
– Bawasan ang pagkain ng karne.
– Bawasan ang pagmamaneho at gamitin ang panpublikong transportasyon.
• 節電節水。コードをコンセントからちゃんと切ること。
• 牛肉を食べるのを減らすこと。
• 運転するのを減らしてバスや電車、自転車で通うこと。

What’s stopping me?

I have NINE drafts!

A few minutes ago I prayed and talked about how I really felt.

As much as I want to talk about my story and all that, if I say how I truly am at the present moment I feel like it’s just gonna be gloomy and stuff, you know?

Of course as much as possible, I must send out positive vibes to the world. If people read your content you want them to leave feeling happy, right?

Give value and such.

What’s blocking me from putting out content: I worry about how other people will feel about what I wrote. Especially about how it’ll affect them.

I guess it all boils down to how I judge myself, how others judge me, I don’t know — maybe, yes, probably.

But here’s the thing. Whenever I read about other people’s stories and they’re being honest about their struggles, baring their soul, I feel that I can relate to them. I can feel their humanity more and I appreciate them.

It’s weird how I want to keep my hardships to myself and not talk about it because I don’t want to bother others, but I also realize that no human being is an island.

I really do hope that I can grow more as a person, that I can be stronger than my circumstances.



I want a splash of color.

From the self-imposed rules I have to make 

To make it through society, 

Though I may never be truly understood by everyone
Except by me, but that’s not their fault.
When I have to make a living
So that there’s a roof above my head.

When people tell me who I should be,

I want a splash of color.


Just to clarify some things: this doesn’t mean to be reckless, or to be utterly disrespectful to others.

I’m just musing about my time of drawing and painting and how I’d like it to be that space, even just the sole space in my life where I can truly be me and just LIVE —

Live in the present moment and be happy.


I want to remember this

I want to remember this.

If I ever become a great artist, and have my own studio, and it’s so big —

That I don’t have to squeeze myself in because I have enough room.


DESK: my old keyboard, a Yamaha 81-key that stopped working and supported underneath by my amp .

PENCIL HOLDER: Highschool project by my brother. He gave it to me!

WATER JAR #1: Tostitos salsa jar. I fricking LOVE MEDIUM SPICY SALSA.

WATER JAR-JAR BINX: Thanks to a friend who brought me to their shop and taught me how to make one.

PALETTE SET: from Japan dollah store (¥100)