No.10: Charito Solis

inktober2019 No.10: I tried drawing Ms. Charito Solis, one of the premier actresses of the Philippines.
Ang orihinal na Inang Reyna at primerong aktres, Charito Solis.


No.9: “Little People”

I was waiting for the bus, but honestly I didn’t really feel like drawing. The thing is, though, I remember that always bring my sketchbook and drawing would be good.

So I busted out my sketchbook and started drawing the girl on the left, who’s also waiting at the bus stop. I changed the hairstyle though because, why not. And again, Cris Soto of SKAM España crossed my mind so a drawing of her found its way eventually into the paper. Ha.

Next an image of Lapu-Lapu popped up in my mind. He’s the Filipino datu who killed Magellan and is called the first hero of the Philippines. But I changed my mind and wanted to draw a girl instead, and the image of Amaya popped up. She’s the main protagonist from a 2017 Philippine historical drama. I’m not sure if the pointy shoes are historically accurate, but heck it’s alright.

“Mumunting Tao”

I went to a watercolor workshop

Stuff I did at the workshop!
Titles: 1. “The Little House”, 2. “Mountain Goat” ;


top to bottom: “Nature Series: Wind, Woods and Waves”.

Mga ginawa ko sa workshop!
Pamagat: 1. “Ang Munting Bahay”, 2. “Kambing ng Bundok”; mula taas hanggang baba: “Serye ng Kalikasan: Hangin, Kakahuyan at mga Alon”
題名: 1.「小さい家」、2. 「白岩山羊」
上から下: 3. 「自然: 風、森林と波」