Rose in Texas

Man, if you’re able to fall asleep on the plane, I envy you! Because I didn’t, gosh darn it XD

Once we arrived in Texas and I got settled into where I’m staying, I slept.

Surprised by a handful of things today:


Today my friend Lucio and I went to Luby’s to eat dinner, where I ordered a piece of Angus steak with a side of kale and corn. It came with bread, too. I was unsure what to do so I wasn’t able to order the mashed potatoes that I wanted to eat, but Lucio ordered it instead and gave it to me. I don’t know what else he ordered, but he got this side of mac and cheese. I tried a little bit and, dang! It was great!

Dude, it was quite filling meal! Oh, and by the way, we ate strawberry cheesecake too!

As I was on my way to get some utensils, one of the waiters, who seemed like a kindly old gentleman, asked me if I needed help. It surprised me how amiable he seemed, and after I told him that I needed utensils he proceeded to get them for me.

A few minutes later, while Lucio and I were having some laughs, he went to our table and took away the empty plates. We had a chance to talk with him a little bit. When he said he was a Vietnam veteran, I said to him, “Thank you for your service, sir.” and he seemed happy and shy about it. What got us really laughing was when he said “I hope you enjoy your stay and that may you, God willing, stay in God’s country!” Oh man…just when we were talking about ‘mega-churches’ here in Texas.

2. I saw a lot of Asian-style restaurants!

3. There is a Somi Somi, where you can get ice cream and taiyaki! Dang, I thought this was a Hawaii exclusive!

4. The temp here is not as cold as New York, but actually just a little bit colder than Hawaii. Thank God because I didn’t bring any scarves and thick jackets and all that.

We went to a discount book store and after looking around for a bit, I found this Gustave Dore book. When I went to the counter, I saw the cashier lady who seemed about my age, maybe younger and I noticed how pretty she was. She had curly blonde hair. I might have a little crush on her. I chatted with her a little bit and she replied nicely; she seemed a bit reserved though. I mean, I don’t blame her because I’m a stranger, after all. (geez lol).

Nakarating ako sa Texas. Unang beses kong makapunta dito, at nasorpresa ako sa ilang mga bagay:
1. Meron din palang Asian-style na restaurants dito!
2. Ambait ng waiter naming kanina nung kumain kami ng kaibigan ko sa Luby’s.
3. Andaming pagkain!
4. Ang astig ng Half Price store dito.
2. Lubyレストランのあるウェイターさんは意外と優しかったです。

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