I attended a life drawing session!

I woke up at 7am, and let me tell you that wasn’t enough time do my morning ritual, so I ended up not eating breakfast.

Luckily, we had yogurt in the fridge. I grabbed it and a plastic spoon.

I made it to my bus though, so yay!

food gourmet on top of brown table
This is what I want!! Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

If you’re in Hawaii and looking for something like this, check out Zwick Academy of Fine Arts (ZAFA) in Chinatown. I only found this out last week* but, apprently they offer live model drawing sessions every Friday morning, from 9am to 12nn and you pay $10 when you come in. You may bring paints because they also have easels that you can borrow.  So you can draw/paint standing up or sit down too.

Basically the model will do one pose, and then take short breaks in between, so if you like painting you can really focus on the model and do any corrections on your work. Take note: when the model comes back, there may be slight changes to the pose, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

*In the Chinatown part of Honolulu there is a monthly event called First Friday held during the, you guessed it — first friday of the month. You can walk around and visit the open art studios or artist lofts where you can come in and check out artwork by local artists, and it’s free! There are also other activities such as a block party (they close off a street and there are police around so it’s fairly safe), and you can also find bars and restaurant specials.

photo of a marble statue
Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

I went and attended my first live drawing session ever since 2013, and I admit I was a bit nervous, you know, being the new person. But everyone seemed chill and they were smiling, plus there was a dog named Hoku, a Golden Doodle(?) aka Golden Retriever+Poodle and he was docile, which was pretty sweet!

I brought watercolor paper, another sketchpad just in case and watercolor paints and gooooshdarnit, I forgot my brushes! O_O Then it dawned on me that I cleaned my bag yesterday.

I brought a ballpoint pen though. Nothing else.


It was kind of a nostalgic feeling. Back in 2013, I attended a figure drawing class in the summer at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. It helped me a lot and definitely influenced my drawing style. As someone who never went to art school, this was probably the closest I ever got and it felt familiar, almost as if I was were I belonged. *blush*

Anyway, fast forward 6 years later (man, can you believe it, 6 years?) and here we are!


For one thing, I still feel challenged when it comes to accuracy, and a feeling of solid-ness in my drawing, if that makes any sense. While I was laying down the sketch, I found that I made her neck too long, or I messed up her hands and since I can’t erase it it would be hard to correct it.

My stomach grumbled XD

Anyway, it’s all good. An hour in and I started feeling comfortable, and I relaxed in my seat.

I didn’t want to over-render it so I left it as it is. Also, I made a few studies of other parts that I have a difficulty with, while there was some extra time.

Overall, it was a great experience!


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