No.21: Team

Today’s prompt is ‘injured’ . This one goes full circle with my previous post, “Team Captain”.


I feel that we’ve all been injured in some ways, not just physically. And sometimes we can’t just take it all by ourselves.

In those moments, it’s important to remember that we have family and friends who have our back. And soon, the pain won’t seem like a big deal after all.

Whenever I have problems, I tend to keep it all to myself because I don’t want to inconvenience others. I’m afraid to approach a friend or it doesn’t cross my mind to do so. In my head I think, everybody’s dealing with their own shit. Why should I add to that?

Or like, when a friend asks me how I’m  feeling and, I hesitate to really say how I feel because I don’t wanna seem like, “being like that” again.

I try to think positive. I really DOOO!

But here’s the funny thing. I want to share this tidbit of wisdom that I learned from my friends:

“Don’t ever think that you’re bothering someone!”

“When you talk to someone you’re close to about your problems, not only does it help you but it also helps them in the sense that, you’re giving them the opportunity to help someone – in this case, it’s you.”

We learn, we move on, and we thank everybody and everything that helped us overcome our struggles.

I hope that this post was helpful to you in some way, and may you have a great day! Last but not least, here’s a timelapse video of me drawing today’s art piece!


“Grupo”. Ang salita para sa araw na ito ay “nasugatan”. Sa palagay ko, may iba’t iba ring anyo ng pagka-sugat, hindi lamang pisikal. At merong mga panahon na hindi natin kayang sarilinin ang mga sugat na ito. Kung kaya’t mahalagang ipaalala natin sa ating sarili na meron tayong mga kapamilya at kaibigang tutulong sa atin, at dahan-dahan man, unti-unting maiibsan ang hapdi ng sugat na ito.

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