No. 17: Gutom Lang ‘Yan

“Gutom Lang ‘Yan” (lit. “That’s Only Hunger”/”You’re Just Hungry”). In Filipino culture, to me at least, we use this phrase as a diagnosis or excuse for someone who seems to be: a)weak in the knees; b) acting slightly different than usual.

It’s a way for us to show that we care for the other person. And if we really care enough, we’ll share our food or treat them to something.

If you wanna add your own take on this expression, just comment below.


The prompt for the day is dizzy !

I chose this title because I’m literally hungry but I thought, ‘hey, why don’t we capture that feeling and express it through art?’ which is my madness.
There are times when I want to get things done, but then I’m starving and get dizzy. The dry brush lines represent that unstable feeling. Seeing things as a blur.

At the bottom are jagged lines, showing how irritated I get when I’m hungry. The thick, black border is that emptiness in my stomach that starts to crawl upwards to my brain.The solid lines of the pen are sending that signal.

Don’t worry, as I’m typing this I’m eating a half-bowl of Cheerios.
Tuwing hatinggabi, o bago ako matulog. Diba….nag-sepilyo ka na nag-floss ka pa lahat-lahat, pero gusto mong kumain. Hindi daw magandang kumain bago matulog. Kaya madalas umiinom na lang ako ng tubig o kumakain ng cereal kasi magaan lang.

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