No.16: Highs & Lows of the Earth

Today’s prompt is: ancient . This is not just any volcano – this is inspired by Mt. Mayon in the Philippines!

Mt. Mayon is famous for its almost perfect conical shape, and is also active. It just erupted last year 😱

According to legend, it rose from the bodies of two star-crossed lovers Magayon and Panganoron, who met a tragic end.

I chose this title because, since prehistoric times our planet has been shaped by the constant movement of land and water, especially from the impact caused by volcanic eruptions.

I’ve only seen this once, when my mom, my brother and I went to visit her hometown in Bicol. I remember being in the bus and as soon as the volcano came into view, “The Mayon is here!” I pointed out in glee and wonder. And embarrassment a few seconds later.

I asked my mom if she has ever climbed it. “Once, but we didn’t go all the way to the top. It’s like a jungle.”

I thought how cool it’d be to climb it. But because it’s still active, it is scary.

I hope I can visit again. My country is filled with many, many natural treasures such as the beautiful Mt. Mayon.
Ang Bulkang Mayon.

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