No.15: Past Thought

Today’s prompt is ghost !

Memories come knocking at the door of the mind. Some come to haunt you, some just make you chuckle.

Tbh I was gonna name this “Memory”, but mind was like “OOOHF” and thought it would be too savage. Yeah.

The other thing I’d like to make a comment on is her hair. Gosh it looks awful. It’s just this blocky piece of – it looks more like a WIG.

Have you ever tried cutting your own hair? Like, having no previous haircutting experience, ever, not even a plant, and you just hack at it like an arts and crafts project. Like paper.



Well I have, and I will say that I won’t do it again.

Argh. I just want a cool haircut.

“Nakaraan”. Mga ala-alang kumakatok sa pinto ng isipan.

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