No.13: Your Own Path

Today’s prompt is tread !

You may tread a path that you believe in, which might be different from what other people want for you. Treading carefully, not wanting to make a mistake…but ultimately you must believe in yourself.

I try to tell myself.

Personally I’m at this point where I’m gonna a somewhat big-but-maybe-it’s  just-in-my-head, decision. I’m in my late 20s and sometimes thoughts of ither people I know are either: married, have a family, are in a long career cross my mind, and tbh it makes me feel a little insecure. Well, I do have a job and it’s not like I’m freeloading at home, but, there are still things that I wanna try.

Going to Spain is one of those. I wanna go to Spain. I wanna go, I want to see and experience the art there. But I’m  not rich so I gotta find a way to support my dream financially, and one of those ways is teaching English.

But listen, I know that it’s not gonna be easy. It’s not all about me, but also about the kids or the people who a actually invest their time and money to learn. I don’t want to do that just for the money.

I’m like, “Am I even cut out for the job?? Blah blah blah”.

But you know what, my friend Sebas told me this: “Of course it’s not gonna be easy. Every opportunity is like that, but you have to look at the positive side of it and believe in yourself. Otherwise, you’re just gonna have the same attitude towards any opportunity you meet and your life’s not gonna go anywhere.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always come back. ”

I keep forgetting about that previous sentence.

Anyways, if you’re like me, in the same boat, I wish you success!

“Ang Sarili Mong Landas”. May pagkakataon na tatahakin mo ang isang landas na pinaniniwalaan mong lubusan, na baka iba sa nais ng ibang tao para sa iyo. Ayaw mong magkamali kaya sobrang ingat ang ginagawa mo…pero kailangan mong magtiwala sa sarili mo. Sinasabi ko sa sarili ko.

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