No. 12: Team Captain

Today’s Inktober2019 prompt is “Sling”! FINALLY I FOLLOWED A PROMPT! 😆

I call this “Team Captain” but it doesn’t necessarily have a be one per se; it can be anyone, like a team member who’s injured but still shows up to support the team.

I wanted to show her spirit – of someone who may have stumbled but still gets back up, and faces challenges with a well-grounded and positive attitude.

Ahh I feel great knowing that I drew a lot today and had a chance to sit down and really think about my subject.

Tbh this drawing has a different feel, I kinda feel different. It’s most likely because I didn’t draw the conventional pretty face such as in the magazines etc. She could be someone you see walking in the street, or in school, or a professional athlete.

I wanted to draw more different types of people, and my people too because it feels natural for me at this point.
Hindi kailangan ang titolo upang maging lider o pinuno. Maaari siyang maging isang ordinaryong miyembro na, kahit nasugatan ay nagpapakita pa rin upang suportahan ang kanyang grupo. Sa larawang ito, gusto kong ipakita ang isang taong matibay ang loob at may positibong pananaw. Kahit siya ay nalugmok, babangon pa rin.

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