Simply the brush

Just sketchin’…preppin’..👩🏻‍🎨

For some reason, I thought it would be more immediate and fun to sketch something with watercolor.

No pencil underdrawing.

Just the brush.

And it IS fun! One stroke of the brush I made a nice line, and I giggled like a kid learning to paint for the first time. At that moment I was more into the process, not rushing to produce a result.

It felt great! I didn’t feel rushed or pressured.

Sometimes a thought like, having to prove something would come along but I just brushed it off.


Just noticed the pun. Heheh *blush*

And! I learned not to over-brush (I made this word up). To me it means just doing one clean stroke and not brushing too much. You know, when I feel like I made a mistake and I wanna “correct” a line by hastily writing over it.

Anyway, today was a fun day and my friends treated me to ice cream!

Nag-eensayo, naghahanda..

Mas masaya siguro kung magpinta ako ng direkta. Yung tipong walang sketch ng lapis.

At totoo nga! Masaya! Natuwa ako na parang batang nagsisimula palang matutong gumamit ng brush. Mas natutok ako sa proseso, hindi sa resulta.

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