Simple Shading How-to

This post is part of a series of tutorials that I’m sharing from the book “Mastering the Art of Drawing” by Ian Sidaway & Sarah Hoggett. As you know I didn’t go to art school, but my Dad gave me this book and I figured that it’d be good to share what I’ve learned with others like me who aspire to get better at making art!

I’ll also share other resources I come across and post my personal take on them! XD


Shading exercise: using a paper bag can help you understand shading. It’s a pretty simple shape with a single color so that you won’t get confused, plus you can easily see where the planes (flat surfaces) are.

Place it near your desk lamp, and try adjusting it to get some nice shadows. Notice the surfaces where the light hits where it’s bright, and where it doesn’t which is dark.

Captura de pantalla (7)


Captura de pantalla (5)

Gamit ang paper bag, pwede itong makatulong sa pag-ensayo ng shading. Simple ang hugis nito at madaling makita kung saang bahagi ang maliwanag at hindi.

Captura de pantalla (6)


ペーパーバックを電気の近くに置きます。 バッグは平面がすぐ見えるし、色も一つだし、明るいと暗いところも直ぐ分けられるので使います。



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