What’s stopping me?

I have NINE drafts!

A few minutes ago I prayed and talked about how I really felt.

As much as I want to talk about my story and all that, if I say how I truly am at the present moment I feel like it’s just gonna be gloomy and stuff, you know?

Of course as much as possible, I must send out positive vibes to the world. If people read your content you want them to leave feeling happy, right?

Give value and such.

What’s blocking me from putting out content: I worry about how other people will feel about what I wrote. Especially about how it’ll affect them.

I guess it all boils down to how I judge myself, how others judge me, I don’t know — maybe, yes, probably.

But here’s the thing. Whenever I read about other people’s stories and they’re being honest about their struggles, baring their soul, I feel that I can relate to them. I can feel their humanity more and I appreciate them.

It’s weird how I want to keep my hardships to myself and not talk about it because I don’t want to bother others, but I also realize that no human being is an island.

I really do hope that I can grow more as a person, that I can be stronger than my circumstances.



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