Inspiration Strikes #2

When inspiration strikes! You must answer its call. Even at 12 midnight.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not doing this to become famous or a millionaire. So why am I doing this?

“What does success mean to you?” Ever come across this question?

Before, my answer was to be able to do art full-time and make money from it. Doesn’t have to be a lot but enough to pay my bills and help others; to travel wherever and whenever I want to, and to become a very good artist aka hone my craft. Along the way as I kept sharing my art and quirkiness in my posts, just a few moments ago I came upon this stunning! reflection:

I’m creating a space to express myself. That’s it.

So is it all just an ego trip or, to satisfy my social needs? Probably. Maybe I just wanted to be listened to. I’m still learning about who I am.

Let’s try looking at it this way: at work, I can’t really fully express myself. Some of my coworkers who are really passionate about cards/games/anime talk about them with no problem, but me not being a cardgamer I don’t really know much about that stuff and can only be on the hearing end of it. Some are into music but, not the kind that I listen to. At least they lend an ear and try to understand me when I talk about watercolor and we still get along thanks to some videogame, anime or music references…

At home I talk a lot with my older sister especially when we watch TV together. She’s really fun and has this twinkle in her eye when she talks about a show or a character’s backstory. So not much to complain over there.

In 2016-2017, I was lucky to study in Tenri City, Japan and the best thing about it was that I met my friends – my friends for life. It didn’t cross my mind much that we’re from different countries but our experiences, joys and pains bound us together. Like brothers and sisters.

I’m grateful to find the friend that I’ve aaalways wanted since I was in highschool. The kind that listened to me, not judging; encouraging me to not give up and keep following my dreams.

So, I want a community like that. Here.

If my talents, my quirkiness, my personality could draw like-minded people, and they could feel safe here that would be cool, right, I think.

These are my thoughts and um, I have a cold.

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