12 Zodiacs: ARIES

Hey guys! I’m excited to announce my watercolour project “12 Zodiacs“!


Over the next days I’ll feature each sign plus a bit of their typical traits. Know more? Comment below!

ARIES♈: March 21 – April 19. 🔥sign.
The GOOD: Takes initiative – a natural LEADER. Keeps it real 💯% . Honest. Risk-taker. Adventurous. The BAD: Loses patience in slow projects and people. Quick temper.

Wanna buy a print? https://www.etsy.com/HappyWackyAnimals/listing/691977478/12-zodiacs-aries-m?

今回は水彩画プロジェクト「12星座」を開始します! 今日から星座を一つずつ描き、そして少しでもよく言われる特徴も紹介します。是非、お楽しみにして下さい。

牡羊座: 3月21日~4月19日
プラス: 率先垂範、誠実、冒険心
マイナス: 気が短い


Any Aries people in the house? 🐏
牡羊座の人いませんか? ♈
Mayron bang Aries dito?

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