More than the place, it’s the people

But it’s true, isn’t it? That more than the place, it’s the people you’re with that makes all the difference. I experienced living in a dorm with my friends. We didn’t have much, but we were happy. I was happy spending my days with them with just the simple things…

As Avengers: Endgame is finally upon us, I had to catch up on Infinity War so I watched it on Netflix and damn, was it awesome!! One thing that caught my attention was Thor, with what I looks like a guitar pick covering his eye. And that rad short haircut.

WIN_20190501_21_28_19_Pro (2)
Looks about right.

So with that in mind I was inspired to draw him!

I asked my friend Shane if it’s necessary to watch the stand-alone movies of each superhero.

“Thor: Ragnarok, there’s one character that appears in Infinity War that’s why.”

Onwards to The Netflix!!

An hour or so later.
Damn, Thor is actually funny?
Aaaahhhhhh aaaaaahhh!🎶 #fuckyeahimmigrantsong
(Hela appears) Oh daaaang who’s dat? Goth lady! Wait, I know that voice?
Valkyrie is hot!
It’s Cate Blanchett!!
Ugh that….Valkyries vs. Hela scene. It’s so..gorgeous…

Anyways, the art part. I used:

Bic pen (yes, THAT Bic pen)

Sakura Pigma-sensei
Kuretake brushpen
Akashiya brushpen
Pentalic notebook


I laid down the sketch with the Bic pen. Recently, I haven’t been sketching with a pencil because it takes more time. The erasing-redrawing is kind of a hassle and makes me want to make it “perfect” or look exactly the same as the reference. I’m spontaneous and tend to just wing it, see what happens, and just enjoy it, mistakes included. Of course it can be different for other people, but that’s me and my process and I enjoy it.

Next, I shaded the darker areas e.g. corner of the eyes, nostrils, ears, under the chin with the Sakura Pigma-sensei. I also did some hatchmarks on his armor.

The Akashiya brushpen is a tone lighter than the Kuretake, so I applied some on his shoulders. After doing that, I thought for 5 solid seconds that this was a mistake.

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents” -Bob Ross


And then lastly I dabbed away with the Kuretake brushpen for the background.

As for why his expression is like that. Well, I know how it feels to part with someone and not knowing whether I’ll see them again. Rollercoaster of emotions. You feel?

Thanks for reading!

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